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Why Choose Titan?

Why is steel still used for boat trailer brakes?

Maybe as many as 50 years have passed with trailer boat owners having continual failures and ongoing maintenance costs caused by steel trailer brakes that rust and corrode due to salt water immersion or even a salt water environment.

This remains a continual fight between the boatie and the sea (salt water). Even with dedicated maintenance, fresh water wash down after a boat launching and application of all kinds of anti-rust products, the salt water eventually wins and the existing steel parts will fail due to rust and corrosion.

try as he might, the boatie will never overcome the repeated cost of keeping his brakes safely working UNTIL NOW!

TITAN TRAILER BRAKES (12 years in the Marine industry) has now developed a completely newly designed trailer disc brake system. By eliminating all materials that hate salt water and corrosive chemicals a new combination of metals for saltwater use has been made for the trailer boat owner ALUMINIUM BRONZE.

When steel rotors/disks and brake pads are due for replacement you will have to:

  • Spend your whole Saturday removing the wheel and steel disks, disassemble the calipers.(if you can) and stop the hydraulic fluid from staining, dissolving paint, killing grass etc.
  • Remove the worn/damaged pads (if it's possible to loosen them).
  • Remove the piston, if possible, and have a spare pair on hand because the old ones won't work again. THEN you will start the big re-assembly.
  • Reassemble the whole repair job.
  • Then refill the brake fluid reservoir ready to bleed the brakes. This is fine so far, as long as the steel brake line fitting didn't corrode (and they do) and prevent your spanner from removing them. Or the steel hydraulic brake bleeding fitting did the same and will stop you from bleeding the calipers.

Why aluminium / bronze disc brakes?

A survey by boaties over the last three years of development showed us that 100% of interviewed boat trailer owners all said, "It's about time somebody did that!"

Aluminium bronze is a material that has no affinity with water. It is impervious to salt water and chemicals like fertilizer. It will not rust or corrode in salt water or out of it. Aluminium bronze has been used for centuries by sailors to overcome the destruction of steel in salt water (any corrosive metal for that matter).


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The new era of BRONZE disc brakes by TITAN TRAILER BRAKES introduces a completely new way to STOP expensive and ongoing maintenance time and costs. Not just reduce or extend the life of the existing steel brakes… STOP it entirely.

By using the TITAN BRONZE disk brakes you will never have to worry about repeated maintenance costs. Your initial cost is your last cost. Even your disk pads will last longer because the rotor (disk) will never corrode and prematurely tear the pads apart.

TITAN brakes allows you to remove worn pads WITHOUT doing the following:

  • Removing the wheel and rotor (disc). No need. Just remove the wheel only.
  • Removing the rotor (disc). No need. Replace parts directly from rear of calipers.
  • Removing the calipers or spreading the caliper ends. No need. Calipers stay in place.
  • Removing the brake lines. No need. Remove the pad without spreading calipers.
  • Removing the hydraulic line and fittings. No need. You can if you want to. The fittings are non-corrosive brass.
  • Removing the piston. No need. 316 marine grade stainless steel won't seize or rust.