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What is the difference between Weight Distribution and Sway Control?

One of the most common misconceptions we hear is Weight Distribution Hitches being referred to as ‘Sway Bars’ or ‘Leveller riders’. Weight distribution devices, like the name suggests, are devices that assist in the distribution of weight over both your towing vehicle and trailer axles. They are freely available and often low value, poor quality items imported directly from China. They have NO BUILT IN SWAY CONTROL.

Titan RV sells and distributes the leading Sway Control and Weight Distribution hitches in Australia that are made in the USA. The patented Andersen Sway Control and Weight Distribution hitch is without peer. The E2 from Progress Manufacturing is the Number 1 selling Sway Control and Weight Distribution Hitch in the USA, and are now available in Australia.  

What does a Weight Distribution Hitch do?

Allows a smooth ride - A weight distribution system links your trailer, caravan or boat to your primary vehicle to share the load between the two, providing a smooth and level ride across all axles.

Spreads the load – By using spring bars to apply leverage to both sides of your towing setup, the load weight that would otherwise be pushing down on the rear of your vehicle is transferred to all axles on both your vehicle and caravan or trailer.

Provides greater control and capacity – The more you correct your tow vehicle sag, the more precise your steering and stopping is, allowing you to tow at the maximum capacity of your hitch (meaning you can move more at once)!

The Fastway e2 takes care of Weight Distribution AND has integrated Sway Control within the one system. 

When do I need Weight Distribution?

Weight distribution devices are recommended if;

  • your trailer weight is more than half of your vehicle’s weight,
  • the rear of your vehicle sags or its headlights point upward when hitched to your caravan,
  • your trailer sways from side to side while on the road due to poor weight dispersion on your trailer. This usually happens if there is too much weight behind the rear trailer axle (in some instances you will require an additional sway control device or integrated sway system to permanently remove sway)
  • you are finding it difficult to steer or brake safely when hitched up

My vehicle rises when I hitch up…

If the front of your vehicle rises more than 20mm or the back of your vehicle sags when you hitch up your caravan, you most likely need a weight distribution hitch to help balance the trailer load and ensure you are towing safely. An exception to this could be if your trailer and vehicle load is not correctly balanced – make sure you load the heaviest items over the axle of your towed vehicle to maintain safer load distribution. A general rule of thumb when loading your trailer is to load a maximum of 60% of your load in front of your trailer axle, and never more than 50% behind. Your tow ball weight should ideally be 10% of your Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM). If you find your vehicle is still sagging or rising, it is a clear sign you need a weight distribution hitch.


Why is Sway Control Important?

Towing at speeds over 70 km increases the risk of the Caravan developing sway. Sway can occur due to:

  • high winds,
  • higher travelling speeds,
  • passing trucks,
  • Improper loading or load shifting,
  • tow vehicles weight ratings exceeded, 
  • general poor road conditions.

When it happens, it is frightening !. Not something you want to experience.




Choosing a Weight Distribution hitch that incorporates Sway Control is the very best decision you can make.

If you are unsure of what to look for, or how to determine if the hitch will be suitable for your needs, we are here to help! Talk to us today about finding the right device for you.