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1. Only warranty claims with prior written or verbal authorization from TITAN TRAILER RV will be recognised, all other claims will be denied.

2. TITAN TRAILER RV warrants ALL components for a period of One Year from the date of original sale of the vehicle. This warranty covers defects in material and workmanship of the product only. TITAN TRAILER RV is not liable for any damage due to abuse, neglect, misuse, negligence, misapplication, error of operation, accidental or purposeful damage or damage due to an “act of God” such as, wind or rain damage, submersed, flood, lightning or other natural occurrence of the like. TITAN TRAILER RV limited warranty is applicable to the TITAN TRAILER RV components only and does not apply to the vehicle, apparatus or property to which it is attached. Warranty parts will be shipped at no charge if the repair is authorized by an TITAN TRAILER RV representative. Purchased components used in authorized warranty repairs will be reimbursed at the original purchase price.

3. Labour and freight expenses due to warrantable parts defects or workmanship will be reimbursed for a period of two years from the date of original sale of the all TITAN TRAILER RV Products. Freight expenses will either be prepaid by TITAN TRAILER RV or reimbursed at the Road logistic rate only. Any additional shipping charges or requirements are the obligation of the vehicle owner or service centre performing the warranty repair. The owner or service centre’s obligation may include overseas shipping charges, brokerage fees and any other additional fee of the like.

4. Warranty labour will be reimbursed only for claims that have prior written or verbal authorization from a TITAN TRAILER RV representative. Warranty labour compensation is required to correspond with the “Warranty Parts Replacement Time Guideline” published by TITAN TRAILER RV. Any warranty repair not listed on this guideline will require prior authorization from an Titan Trailer RV representative. A reasonable time allowance will be determined by the Titan Trailer RV representative. Any warranty repair that is not listed on this guideline that is performed without prior authorization will be denied without exception. Time associated with learning about the repair or excessive diagnostic and installation time will not be reimbursed. Warranty labour will be reimbursed at the authorized service centre’s published shop rate if the rate is reasonable for that region. Overtime labour will not be reimbursed without exception.

5. Labour, parts and freight credit (if applicable) will be sent after the parts are tested and the warranty claim is validated. Returned parts that are found to be in normal operating condition are not warrantable and will be charged to the owner or service centre. TITAN TRAILER RV reserves the right to charge back the service centre for labour claim payments previously submitted if the installation of the warranted part is found to be inadequate at a later date.

6. Claims will be denied if the date submitted is greater than 30 days from the repair date.

7. Prior authorization is required before parts may be sent back to TITAN TRAILER RV. A Return Authorization Number is required for items to be accepted.

8. Consideration should be taken regarding the location and protection of TITAN TRAILER RVs’ components prior to installation. Please reference the installation manuals for recommended locations and maintenance, or visit for more information. The failure of any TITAN TRAILER RVs’ component due to extreme environmental conditions, improper installation, or lack of maintenance will not be covered under warranty.

9. Warranty coverage for parts or systems sold by non-authorized resellers (such as live or internet auctions) will be at the discretion of TITAN TRAILER RV.

10. This warranty begins upon the original sale date of the Product and is transferable, with limitation, to subsequent owners upon furnishing the original sale date of the Titan RV Product and proof of purchase.

11. TITAN TRAILER RV is not liable for loss of time, manufacturing costs, labour, material, loss of profits, direct or indirect damages incurred by the owner or vehicle manufacturer. This also includes the loss or theft of components on the owner’s vehicle whilst in transit.

12. Excessive warranty labour resulting from inadequate access to the TITAN TRAILER RV product will not be reimbursed.

13. TITAN TRAILER RV will not pay a markup on warranty parts unless required by law.

14. Travel expenses, hotel, telephone, fuel or any other expenses of the like are not covered under warranty.

15. All ‘Out of Warranty’ repairs will have a flat rate inspection fee of $190 Inc GST. There will be an additional charge of $95 Inc GST per hour for repair works carried out beyond the inspection diagnostic time. Replacement Parts:

16. Replacement parts are warranted under the same guidelines listed above for the remainder of the original warranty or 90 days, whichever is longer. Proof of warranty repair date and original vehicle purchase date are required. No additional warranties, expressed or implied, are authorised by TITAN TRAILER RV.

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