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Rapid Jack

The Rapid Jack is your best friend when it comes to fixing a flat tyre or removing a wheel on your multi-axle trailer.
Simply place the small end of the Rapid Jack under the closest good tyre and drive up! 
NOTHING COULD BE EASIER! It can be also used as a jockey wheel holder, a jack post block and a pad block. 
Doubles as a wheel chock.


It’s the FASTEST jack around.... we call it “Rapid” for a reason!


  • Keeps you and your clothes clean
  • Weights under 3 kgs
  • Use with TUFF Chock for extra support when unhooking
  • 6” wide and 17” long
  • Resists dirt, grease and oil

Rapid Jack NON-Compatible Suspension (as we know so far)

Long wheel travel Independent suspension (usually found on heavy duty off-road caravans)

Rocker-Roller Suspension still leaf spring, however there is a pivoting leaf hanger between both leaf spring packs that when compressed pushes the other axle down

What DOES Work:

Standard Leaf Spring Pack

Jayco's J-Tech Independent (could also work for non-long wheel travel suspension that has limiting strap)


Product Code: AN3620
Special Price: $99.95