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Here are some of the most commonly asked questions (with answers) that we receive over the phone or via our e-mail.

1) What are the major advantages of disc brakes as compared to drum brakes?

  • Fewer moving parts. Compare the calliper with one moving part (piston) to a drum brake, with between 9 and 12 moving parts.
  • Longer life due to fewer moving parts. Less maintenance.
  • Fade resistant. Better performance.
  • Self adjusting. No manual adjustment headaches.
  • Automotive industry changed to disc brakes over 40 years ago.

2) Are hydraulic brakes better than mechanical ones for my boat trailer?
Mechanical type brakes are very good when new and working on new cast iron rotors. After that, constant adjustment and maintenance is essential. After a number of red-light stops on the way to and from the ramps, you will need to adjust the cables due to stretching. If not, you will loose safe breaking efficiency quickly. TITAN Trailer Brakes has developed non-seizing, auto adjusting mechanical disc brakes.

3) Will your brakes stop my car and trailer from going through a red light?
Very common question by the ladies! Yes. With the non-corrosive bronze or stainless steel rotors you always have maximum stopping area and very efficient disc pads, because they don't get torn apart by the rust on the disc.

4) Will the bronze callipers and bronze rotors fit my 13" Holden wheels?
No! Please advise us when you are ready to order. We have to help you with rotor size and choice of our stainless steel calipers or mechanical calipers.

5) What wheel sizes will the bronze brakes fit?
14" Holden wheels, 15" Holden Commodore, Ford Wheels. Talk to us when you are planning your upgrade.

6) Do you have something that will fit my 13" wheels?
Yes! We offer stainless steel, single piston, floating type callipers operating on our bronze rotors or mechanical steel callipers on our bronze rotors.

7) I have electric drum brakes and can't afford the constant repairs and maintenance. Can I convert to bronze brakes?
Yes! But you will have to choose a different type of towing brake control system. Your electric brake solenoids cannot operate the hydraulic calipers. Click on Brake Accessories to have a look at some better options.

8) Is it easy to set up your bronze brakes? How would I go about it?
Very easy to upgrade to bronze or stainless steel hydraulic brakes. Click on Brake Accessories to have a look at some better options.

9) Can I use my existing mounting bracket to bolt the bronze callipers up?
This depends on a number of variables. Basically, you should plan to remove your current mounting brackets and accurately position and weld the new brackets or "rabbit ears".

10) Can I fit bronze brakes to my larger Land cruiser / Nissan type wheels?
Yes! We have larger 12" diameter non-corrosive rotors for this purpose.

11) My trailer/caravan is over 2000kg weight. Do you have a hydraulic towing system to suit the bronze/stainless steel brakes?
Yes! We have an approved braking system to control your braking system with cabin control.

12) What kind of controller system do you offer?
We have developed the TITAN BRAKERITE SYSTEM that offers total braking control, by microprocessors. No other system uses this accuracy. Check on Brake Accessories for full details.