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Caliper Spare Parts

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Brake Pads for Kodiak 225 Calipers

Ceramic Brake Pads, non-organic high temperature. Double coated polyurethane on backing plate for maximum corrosion protection.

4 per set (2 Calipers)
Suit Kodiak 225 Calipers

Item CodeBB-508-CER
Brass 90° 3/16"

For connecting hydraulic tube to all Kodiak 225 calipers.

Suit Kodiak 225 Calipers

Item CodeBB58A
Caliper, Floating Type Bolt Kit

Includes stainless steel support bolt, stainless steel slider sleeve and thermo plastic grease free bush. 15 years of a caliper slider that does not seize.

Two (2) per pack. 
Suit Kodiak 225 Caliper

Item CodeBB519
Bolts, Stainless Steel M11

M11 Stainless Steel Mounting Bolts. Fitting S/S calipers to galvanised mounting plate. Self locking threads.
Stainless steel guide bolt (M11 x 1.5) w/Thread Locker (5/16″ Allen or 1/2″ Hex)  suit Kodiak  225 or 250 Calipers.
Self locking threads.  Two (2) per pack. 

Item CodeBB505SS
Piston, 316 Stainless Steel

For single piston calipers only.

Suit Kodiak 225 Calipers.

Item CodeBB511B
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