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Brake Testing

We loaded the trailer with 1500kg of wet sand and set up one accelerometer to measure stopping forces (g), two thermocouples, one in each brake pad to monitor and record heat generation and one hydraulic test gauge to monitor and record developed hydraulic fluid pressure. We carried out emergency stopping procedures from 100kph, 75kph and 50 kph over measured road distances, using maximum stopping power from a standard vehicle with standard braking system (standing on the brake pedal with total available force).

Stress Tests

Von Mises Stress (Mpa) with both brake pads in contact Design Integration, an accredited engineering firm, conducted complete engineering stress tests of the BRONZE rotors. Test shows the Von Mises stress occurring on the rotor. Stresses in general are very low ranging from 0 to 2.4 Mpa. Deformations on this figure are extremely exaggerated.
Please note the heat band at the juncture of the hub and working surface. This is a function of our desire to make a brake that would work-harden with heat. We have, in fact, achieved our goal of supplying a very strong brake with an extended wear period by using our choice of non-corrosive metals. The wear rate of our BRONZE rotors and the matching brake pads is extremely small. Under constant saltwater immersion and heavy braking, actual material loss is less than 0.001" over a period of six months use.

Stopping Ability

Each TITAN BRONZE caliper (dual piston, balanced) will apply approximately 672kg/f. Therefore, on the typical boat trailer up to 1500kgs, with one active braking axle, we will apply a braking performance of approximately 90%. Some other types of braking systems do not offer this stopping performance. This performance offers a ratio of trailer to road surface friction that ensures safe braking. Wheel lockup is considered to be extremely unsafe and totally unpredictable (which is why ABS type braking is used in passenger vehicles). Where two axles, fitted with BRONZE brakes, are used (trailer over 2000kgs) we will expect a stopping force in the vicinity of 2.5 T. This only occurs under extreme braking conditions. Our tests indicate that the TITAN BRONZE Brakes will continue to provide this safe and reliable braking over a long period without rotor machining, adjustments, maintenance, fresh water wash down, seizures and premature pad wear. To our knowledge there is no other braking system that offers such a consistently high performance over a given period, in a highly corrosive environment.

The foregoing test exceeds the requirements of the Australian Design Rules 38/02- Trailer Braking Systems.