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Accessories/Spare Parts

2 1/2" Sleeve for American Trucks

2 1/2" Sleeve for all 2 1/2" Recievers

Item CodeAN3800
Price$49.00 inc gst
Tow Ball 50mm for Stinger

Rated 3.5T on 1" shank, chromed. Suit all STINGER Drop Down

Item CodeTB501-65
Price$29.95 inc gst
Rapid Hitch 50mm Tow Ball

Chrome plated 50mm tow ball rated to 3.5T. Secured by insert pin to the Rapid Hitch body

Item CodeAB501
Rapid Hitch Tow Ball Pin - Internal

Rapid Hitch Tow Ball Pin Internal

Item CodeAN3440
Rapid Hitch Matching Keys Lock Set

Matching Keys Lock Set

Item CodeAN3492