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Ultimate Gear Duffel Bag

With the popular Ultimate Trailer Gear Duffel Bag you now have all the gear you need to ....................
Level your Motorhome or Caravan precisely - on the FIRST try!
Change a flat tyre (multi axle or dually vehicles)
Keep 90% of the dirt OUTSIDE your Motorhome or Caravan
Chock you wheels
Saving Time and Money!



Each Ultimate Trailer Gear kit includes the following

  • 2 Camper Levelers and 2 TUFF Chocks
  • 1 Rapid Jack and 1 Rubber Pad
  • 1 Clean Step
  • 4 TUFF Pads
  • 2 Extra TUFF Chocks
  • 1 Sturdy Carry Bag with handles

How to pack the Duffel Bag.pdf

Product Code: AN3600
Special Price: $399.00